Cash Flow forecast & Business Plans are required for various reasons, for example:

By lenders, if finance is required; and/or
By various organizations / authorities to review the visibility of a business at its inception or anytime throughout its life.

A Cash Flow forecast attempts to predict the timing of a business’ income and expenditure. With this knowledge you will be prepared for any big outgoings that may occur e.g VAT, new plant and machinery required etc.

A business start-up’s cash flow is inherently less easy to predict than that of an established business, because there is no track record to work on. It’s not impossible, however, and should be done to the best of your ability and with our assistance.

If you are looking to attract finance for your start-up it is essential to complete this with extra special care. It will be used for the evaluation of your proposal.

Each cash flow will be unique to you. We can assist you ensuring, it is prepared with the end user’s requirements in mind.